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Why the Nine-Note Recorder Method?
  Learn the 9 easiest notes to play on soprano recorder.

--Table of Contents

--Rationale for the Order the Notes are Presented

--Hear every song in the method: Midi files  or  MP3s

Learn to Play Recorder NOW! Print 5 free pages.

--Free Rhythm Lessons:    One    Two    Three    Four

--Music for Rhythm Lessons:  One    Two    Three     Four

--Easy, free sheet music

Recorders in Music Education

--Rounds to sing (Elementary General Music)

Why learn recorder?

Quick Nine-Note Recorder Method,
the abbreviated version of the Nine-Note Method

--Table of Contents

--Comparison of the full and abbreviated versions

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Supplemental Books in the Nine-Note Series:

--Beyond the Nine-Note Recorder Method,
  Learn rest of the notes on soprano; sample music

--Nine-Note Recorder Method for Alto or Sopranino
  Learn the 9 easiest notes to play on alto or sopranino
  Sample music from Nine-Note Method for Alto

--Beyond the Nine-Note Recorder Method for Alto
  Learn rest of notes on alto or sopranino; sample music

--Nine-Note Recorder Method for Bass  
Learn alto first; then use this book to learn bass. Includes basic and beyond in bass clef; sample music

--Easy Duets & Trios for Soprano & Alto Recorders
  Also available for Tenor and Bass Recorders

--Easy Consort Music for Recorders

--More Consort Music for Recorders

--Good Old Songs for Recorder Consort Sing-Along;  

Upbeat pop music mostly from early 1900s; see samples

--Christmas Carols: Consort Music Sing-Alongsample

--Easy Consort Music in C for Harp and Friends

--Christmas Duets available for soprano recorders; for altos; or for soprano and alto

--Easy Hymn Duets for Recorders

Note: E-books (PDFs) are sent out manually and arrive the same day, usually within a few hours.

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