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Learn to play recorder now with free music!

You may print these pages from the beginning of the Nine-Note Recorder Method and the Quick Nine-Note Recorder Method for personal or classroom use without further permission. Introduce recorder to your classroom, school, summer camp, co-op group, or club. View the instructional videos to help you learn.

Once you have completed this lesson, consider purchasing the Nine-Note Recorder Method or the abbreviated and inexpensive Quick Nine-Note Recorder Method version.

free music PDF to print free music PDF to print free music PDF to print

Print pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Nine-Note Recorder Method, learn-to-play recorder


Quick Nine-Note Recorder Method, abbreviated version with 32 pages.



Schools may request a free review copy of these books. Print more free music. Free rhythm lessons.

Compare the 2 versions. See an overview of the method & reasoning behind the order that notes are presented.

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